Office of the Prophet


A Prophet must be “chastened” taught by the Holy Spirit and in the fullness of time is “ordained” by God through Jesus Christ.

An individual who is chosen by divine appointment to minister in this office.

 This individual as it were must have an intimate and personal relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

God will use such individuals as he wills, whether it be by divine appointment to speak, pray, Beseech, and write by revelation knowledge through the Spirit of God

One who will speak by divine order openly with the authority given by God through Jesus Christ. One to whom anything is secretly communicated by the Holy Spirit.  

One to whom and through. Whom God speaks.

One who is sent by God to proclaim the divine purpose if salvation and    the glory to be accomplished in the earth as it is in heaven.

An individual with great knowledge and unquestionable wisdom, bearing the character of The Lord Jesus Christ.

In whom all truth is available through the word of God, which is the sword of the Spirit.

One in whom the agape love of God must prevail with much compassion and long suffering towards those who are ignorant of the truth concerning the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ

.A Prophet must walk in holiness and perfection, the integrity of God’s word, and be a doer of same.

A prophet is one to whom the Kingdom of God is revealed (which is not meat and drink but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

One might be used of God from time to time in the prophetic gifts but not necessarily elected, anointed or appointed to the office of the Prophet.

Above all the prophet must walk in the anointing of God‘s love.


Mazel A. Hart

Office of the Prophet




“By love and faith unto righteousness we shall declare and decree the word of God.”